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City of Miamisburg

Public Works Building Restroom & Lockers Renovation

VT Design Solutions provided MEP Engineering and Design services for the renovation of the City of Miamisburg, Ohio Public Works Department Building lockers and showers located in Miamisburg, Ohio. MEP scope for the project included designs for new heating, cooling, and exhaust systems to accommodate the larger locker and shower rooms, along with new controls. New plumbing fixtures, hot water heater, sinks, drain, waste, vent, and water piping were provided for the renovated restroom. Project also provided new power distribution system, signage, receptacles, and fire protection system modifications.

Services Provided: 2009 / 2010

Butler County Commissioners

EOC Conversion & Renovation

VT Design Solutions provided MEP Engineering and Design services for the conversion, expansion, and renovation of the Butler County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Hamilton, Ohio. Due to the additional staff and heavy computer usage, the MEP scope required a substantial increase in HVAC capacity. Four existing HVAC air handler / condenser units were replaced with two larger units (air cooled and hot water heating) with all new supply, return, and exhaust ductwork system with the necessary VAV terminal units, dampers, grilles, and controls. The existing boiler was replaced with a high efficiency condensing boiler. The project also replaced the existing 150KW diesel generator with a 300KW diesel generator, new transfer switch, panels, and wiring. New indirect lighting was installed to reduce the computer screen glare.

Services Provided: 2010 / 2011

Butler County Commissioners

Court Street Jail Generator

VT Design Solutions provided MEP Engineering and Design services for the back-up generator replacement at the Hamilton County Court Street Jail facility in Hamilton, Ohio. Project scope was to connect additional sources to the generator and replace an existing 40 KW indoor diesel generator with a larger generator utilizing a utilizing a different fuel source. Project installed a new 60KW gas generator along with a 150 KW diesel generator relocated from the renovated Emergency Operations Center Building and converted to natural gas. A new transfer switch, panels, and wiring were installed to support the additional sources.

Services Provided: 2010

Dayton International Airport

Parking Lots Expansion & Refurbishment

VT Design Solutions provided Electrical Engineering & Design services for the Dayton International Airport Parking Expansion & Refurbishment in Dayton, Ohio. Expansion and refurbishment of the parking lots required redesign and upgrades to the existing electrical power, lighting, data, and tele-communications systems. Scope of work included new / modified lighting and poles, automated revenue control entry / exit gates, conditioned attendant spaces, bus patron waiting shelters, and security cameras.

Services Provided: 2008 / 2009

Dayton International Airport

Site Lighting Upgrade

VT Design Solutions provided Electrical Engineering & Design services for site lighting upgrades at the Dayton International Airport near Dayton, Ohio. The upgrade was intended to improve the area lighting for a pedestrian walkway from the parking garage to terminal. Scope of work included parking lot lighting poles relocation and rewiring, along with new lighting along the pedestrian sidewalk.

Services Provided: 2008 / 2009