HVAC System Design

  • Chiller and Boiler Systems
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Utility Piping Distribution
  • Air Handlers and Air Distribution
  • Indoor Air Quality

Electrical System Design

  • Power Distribution
  • Back-Up Generators
  • Lighting Designs & Controls
  • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
  • Grounding/Lightning Protection
  • Load Analysis & Short Circuit Analysis
  • Utility Service & Power Distribution Systems

Plumbing System Design

  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Storm Drainage Systems
  • Sanitary Waste Systems
  • Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Fuel Oil Systems

Fire Protection System Design

  • Building and Fire Code Analysis
  • Performance Specification and Design
  • Fire Suppression Sprinkler and Standpipe Sytems
  • Fire Alarm and Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Pump Systems

BIM / Revit

VT Design Solutions has recognized the industry’s transition towards utilization of BIM (Building Information Modeling). We have eagerly embraced the utilization of BIM as a major tool for execution of major MEP projects, thus have instituted a strategy to implement the use of BIM on projects where requested by our client or where it offers a strategic advantage.

Our BIM projects will utilize the AutoCAD MEP product and the Revit MEP product, and will integrate the NavisWorks product to perform clash detections. We use Trane Trace 700 for our energy modeling and assist in performing energy analysis

Our Staff is dedicated to monitoring the development and advancement in BIM Standards and applications.

Sustainable Design

We incorporate practical Sustainable Design concepts into our projects and understand that successful implementation requires all project team members to recognize the importance of achieving the project’s LEED Certification goal. Over 50% of our engineering professionals are LEED Accredited Professionals.

  • Natural Ventilation Systems
  • Ground Water Source Heating/Cooling
  • High Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boilers
  • Variable Primary Flow High Delta T Chiller Systems
  • High Delta T / Low Fan Horsepower Cooling Towers
  • Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • High Efficiency, Coalescing Air Eliminators
  • Energy Star Rated Equipment for Small HVAC Systems
  • Very Low Leakage Duct Systems
  • Double Wall Design
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow/Dedicated Outdoor Air HVAC Systems
  • Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
  • Water Management – Efficiency, Conservation, & Reduction
  • High Efficiency and Long Life Lighting
  • Lighting Controls (Occupancy Sensors)

Building Systems Commissioning

Commissioning services consist of a process to verify system installation, validate system performance, and document the results. Benefits of Building Systems Commissioning include:

  • Improved indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • Improved system and equipment performance
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Decreased system failures
  • Reduced building operation and maintenance costs
Typical Commissioning Deliverables
  • Commissioning Plans and Reports
  • Design Peer Review
  • Contract Document Review
  • Construction Submittal Review
  • Installation Verification
  • Pre-Functional & Functional Testing
  • Operational Performance Testing
  • Major Equipment Start-Up Observation & Review
  • Equipment Performance Warranty Review
  • O&M Manuals Compliance
  • Owner Personnel Training Coordination

Energy Audits and Assessments

We believe Energy Audits are a fundamental step in reducing energy costs. Audits provide a critical approach to identify cost saving opportunities.

Our process and reports are ASHRAE Level 1 Audits, provides the required data to make quality decisions based on construction cost and energy savings and can include the following

  • Utility Bill Analysis (Electricity & Natural Gas)
  • Client Operating Staff Interviews
  • Facility Walk Through & Data Collection
  • Facility Operations Review & Benchmarking
  • Equipment / Processes Utilized
  • Identify Waste Streams
  • Determine Current Energy Consumption
  • Identify Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Identify Alternative Technologies
  • Identify Scope and Implementation Cost
  • Written Reports, Client Review, & Identify Next steps
  • 6 to 12 Month Follow Up

Construction Administration and Support

We can support your projects through all phases of the construction process. By our attention to detail and continued coordination with the Owner and other team meetings, we can assist in ensuring that the basis of project is implemented.

Pre-Construction Phase Activities:

  • Attend design meetings.
  • Review MEP drawings and specifications
  • Review construction plan
  • Assist with bid package development
  • Prepare and/or review bid package budget estimates
  • Review contractor bids

Construction Phase Activities:

  • Review MEP submittals and shop drawings
  • On site reviews of MEP systems during construction
  • Record and track issues and resolutions
  • Review MEP Change Orders – content, clarity, and contractor pricing
  • Installation Verification
  • Pre-Functional & Functional Testing
  • Operational Performance Testing
  • Major Equipment Start-Up Observation & Review
  • Equipment Performance Warranty Review
  • O&M Manuals Compliance
  • Owner Personnel Training Coordination

Closeout Phase Activities:

  • Coordinate Owner personnel training and maintenance procedures
  • Participate and/or ensure testing and balancing of MEP systems
  • Participate in punch list resolution